Screen calibration lost when TV is turned back on


After the upgrade to Kodi 19.1 running on a Veto 4K, the screen calibration is lost whenever I turn on the TV again. A reboot restores the proper setting or I can adjust it once again manually. This can be reproduced at will.

Debug logs:


Setup is as follows

Vero 4K connected to my Yamaha RX-V775 via HDMI, connected to my Samsung 4K tv.

The Vero 4K remains on.
When turning the TV on, the AV receiver is turned on first which uses CEC to turn on the TV, then switches input to the Vero and chooses the appropriate output on the TV.

The issue also persists when I only turn off the TV, and keep the AV receiver on.

Any help would be appreciated. This worked fine for years now and I’m a bit baffled why it decided to result in the odd loss of screen resolution.

The resolution is set to 1080p not i.

Why are you even using screen calibration? This should be unnecessary with modern devices and actually degrades your video quality. If this is an issue of over/underscan, you should revert the Kodi calibration and resolve the OS/US by setting your TV aspect ratio/wide setting to just or 1:1 for that input.

Are you referring to a Kodi setting or a TV setting?

It’s indeed overscan and ive just reset the setting in System - Display. No luck.

I never had to change anything here before the upgrade to 19.1, as in there was no adjustment but after the upgrade I had overscan and assumed I just needed to set it.

After another restart
Display went to 4K
I changed it back to 1080p 60 Hz
And immediately I’ve got overscan again

Now check the manual for you TV and find how to change the wide mode/aspect ratio until the overscan is resolved.

Found it!
That setting hasn’t been touched in years so who knows why it suddenly caused an issue with the 4K.

Aspect ratio was set to 16:9 (fine) left as it is.
But there was an option to check for overscan which was set to auto, I changed it to On.

And now it works.
Thanks for pointing me into the right direction!

Turned TV off and on
Kodi shows without overscan.

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