Screen calibration settings not saved

You should set your TV to Just Scan or 1:1 pixel mapping. It’s probably on 16:9 which is chopping a bit of the image off. This should also be the correct setting for your Blu-ray player as well; as you’re effectively telling the TV not to change the aspect ratio of the image it receives and to leave it to the device sending the signal.

Not sure what the issue is re. sad face without a log via My OSMC; but ideally you should get things to look right without adjusting them in Kodi.


This worked, in a way… :slight_smile: So after setting Just Scan on the TV and preserve original aspect ratio, there were black bars around the picture, so I had to recalibrate the Kodi once more, but this time the settings survived a reboot. Thanks for the help!

Can you take a photo?
You may just want to set 16:9 during playback or stretch?


Sorry, can’t reproduce anymore since it is all now working. The bars were probably due to Kodi remembering the overscan settings I had been trying to set and I just reversed them.

I would appreciate if this is fixed and the calibration settings are permanently saved again… whatever I do, they are lost sooner or later… I do use it to clip roughly 1 cm on each side because my TV has some issues there.

This turns out to be a Kodi bug which will be resolved in Kodi v18. The stable release is expected soon.


Ok thx, Sam

Still happening after latest osmc update (kodi > 18).

Same here, i’m using a LG Ultra Short Throw beamer. On latest OSMC (Kodi 18)

Does this happen only if you reboot?
Does exiting Kodi (and letting it reload) make the setting persistent?


This happening for me too, i’ll have to re-calibrate each time after reboots.
I hope this will be fixed soon, kinda annoying to fix this all the time :slight_smile:

Can you answer the question Sam posed above?!

And even if i leave the box on like I mostly do and shutdown my tv and start the tv later again, all video calibrating settings are lost.

rebooting and power off sets it back.

This happens if I do not reboot. Just turning off the TV seems to be enough.
I then tried to reboot the vero 4k, but it did not find my settings back.
It’s very tedious since ajusting the calibration settings take a a lot of time.
Can it be done programmatically ?

You shouldn’t be using calibration in Kodi. This will decrease video quality. Click link below for further and best practice.

Thanks. I finally found the relevant setting on my TV, it was buried in advanced image settings, and wrongly translated in French as “Surbalage”.

I think I also finally found the proper setting for the beamer, it says “Just scan”

That’s the one.

hmm, seems the beamer has issues keeping this setting every now and then or OSMC communicates erratic.