Screen fading to white when any key is pressed

I have a raspberry pi 3 and eleduino 7in hdmi touch screen display. I am trying to use a usb keyboard and/or Yatse android app to control Kodi on OSMC. The touch pad on the wireless keyboard works fine, no problems. But if I use the arrow keys or any keys at all on the keyboard, the screen slowly fades to white for about 60 seconds and then comes back. Same if I use the Yatse app.

Anybody else have similar issues? Still new to this so I’m trying to learn. Thank you!

  • Matt

How are you paying the screen?

Sounds like a power issue.

What is the rating of the power supply?

Have you set max_usb_current=1 in the config.txt?

This has no effect on RPI 3.

:smiley: Good to know, was going from here:

this is what it’s all set at

hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0