Screen froze after clicking YES to system update. Power off or not?

I didn’t notice what was the package to be updated but I’ have noticed the size of the update was ~53 M…

At the same time I was updating the film database in the background.

SO my question is should I unplug RPi or waaaaaaaaaait :slight_smile: ?
At the moment it is frozen for about 30min

RPi 2, OSMC, Aeon Flux [?] skin, qBit,

attached: network cable, self-powered HD Seagate Expansion 3TB USB - STBV3000200 , SanDisk SDSDQU-016G-U46A, hdmi

Can’t SSH with putty RPi not responding

Thanks for looking

If the Pi is not responding over SSH, then there isn’t much option but to restart.

However, I would suggest you turn off the power, put the SD card into another computer and copy off your /home folder, all before you power up the Pi again.

That way if there is some issue, you at least have a backup of all your Kodi settings and addons.

EDIT: there is an option in the Update settings of MyOSMC, to only allow OSMC to check for updates if the cpu has been idle for a couple of minutes. The intention of this setting is to avoid the situation where the update is being run while the CPU is busy doing something else.

Thanks for suggestion.

At least I have a first working image of SD ))
All started good, possibly lost some torrent temp files [maybe getting some back on recheck], but all torrents on list.

check for updates if the cpu has been idle

I have it, that was manual action )))

tanks for help Karnage