Screen glitch


Just turned on my Vero4K today to find the screen looking like a phsycodelic mess:

I have it connected through a receiver and have teated new hdmi cables and into different hdmi ports etc.,

The glitches persist even with the command line outputs that appear during restart, but interestingly disappear just for the blue splash screen with the osmc logo. The latest update was installed a few days ago, but things were working fine after that.



Can you post some logs?
Has anything changed in your environment?

Can you try cleaning the HDMI port with some isopropyl alcohol?


I’ve uploaded some logs here I think, from the command line:

Nothing has changed in the environment or settings - I was watching some files fine last night.

The aspect ratio also appears different now - significantly more widescreen.

I don’t have such alcohol unfortunately. But the box is kept out of reach from most dust, and I never change the hdmi cable - only now to test if it was a faulty cable…

If you connect directly to the projector as a test, instead of the receiver, does the issue go away?

I had the box turned off for 24 hours and tried again tonight, and the problem seems to have disappeared! Everything’s back to normal.

Perhaps it was some dust interfering with the connection. Anyway, happy to see it was nothing permanent. Thanks for your time, Sam.

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