Screen goes black for one or two seconds during playback

Always enjoyed my Vero4k+ watching video, but lately (since a couple of days) my screen goes black for one or two seconds during playback of some videos of two different (Apple+) tv series.

It happens only two or three times per 40 minutes, but still it is very annoying.
Also I watched a movie of two and a half hour and then it did NOT happen at all. Never had this before.

The issue is not exactly reproducible, in the sense that it happens on different moments when playing the same video again.
When I go back 10 seconds and watch it again it does not happen.

The setup of my Vero4K is pretty basic: video’s are on a NAS drive mounted through nfs and I only use one subtitle addon.

Is somebody familiar with this problem?

I have uploaded some debug logging that is available through

Maybe somebody can have a look at it.

Also I have uploaded mediainfo information to OSMC.
It is available through

Kind regards, Victor


I also received your email about this, but as explained, it’s better to handle things here.

Can you try set HPD Lock under Settings → Display and see if this helps?


Thanks for responding
Will try the lock hdmi hpd setting.

Watched another episode this evening without any black screens.
So far so good
Will report back when we see black screens again…
Thanks, Victor

Keep me posted.