Screen Mirroring

I recently read about OSMC and one feature really got me: Screen Mirroring for Android - or at least it’s advertised on the vero page. It seems that you can stream/mirror apps from your Android device to your OSMC.

I’m currently running Kodi on my htpc. Before I touch my running system and try OSMC I would like to know a bit more about this feature:

  • Can I stream everything I want from my mobile device?
  • Is it done by an app?
  • What counter part is used in OSMC (upnp)?
  • What about latency between smartphone and OSMC?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Screen Monitoring is a function that will be supported by Android OS on the Vero2.
Dual Booting of Android is a function that currently only will be available for the Vero2 and not under OSMC on other devices.

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Which mirroring technology I need supported on my android device?

Check this thread

I know about this thread but it is not answer for my question. Supported is only miracast or some another technology too?