Screen mirroring

I have samsung s3 yeah i know old phone but its enough to use android anyway. My question is i want to use screen mirroring to surf on my tv on osmc any android software or any solutions? ??

There are some pi-miracast projects out there but they work with some wireless card/usb sticks and some phones/tablets. Here’s a link [Piracast (Miracast on Pi) Beta Release] (Piracast (Miracast on Pi) Beta Release - Raspberry Pi Forums)

I doubt you will see it in OSMC, but i’m no developer.

I am using screen mirroring app on googleplay store but its so laggy i guess picast wont work on osmc… anyone try it ?? If it inside in osmc store app it will be good but i guess its very complicated

Just tried Screen Stream Mirroring app, to try to stream phones screen via UPnP/DLNA, but the app crashes constantly, unless i use software encoder. With a 10-15 secs delay on screen changes.

In Windows i can use Hardware encoder and it is stable, but still a 5-10 seconds delay.

But there is a free version of the application you could try out. It didn’t stream Netflix, but i got it to stream Magine (a tv channel service). but still unuseable with 10 secs delay.

It could be my phone thats the culprint here, but in general this app feels unstable on my OLD phone (Sony C1905, android 4.3)

Same problems ;)) i guess nobody using screen mirroring… ;)case closed for me; )