Screen saver keeps changing to "none"

Every few days, I realize my Vero 4K is not going to dark when I leave it for a few minutes. So I go to the screen saver settings, and I notice it’s set to “none”. I change it to “dark”, as it had been before. It works for a while. Then it stops. Repeat.

This is very annoying, is there anything I can do to make the screen saver settings stick? All my other settings stay as they are set.

Do you mean that the screensaver stops working? Or does it wake unexpectedly?

If the settings aren’t persistent, you might have some corruption. I’d recommend setting your screensaver settings go to Power -> Exit and check that they are still set when Kodi relaunches. If they are, you should be fine


The screen saver works fine when it’s been enabled. The settings are not persistent, so at some point in the future, it will never go black because the setting reverted to “none”.

I just tried “exit” and it’s still set to “black”, but at some point soon it will revert to “none” again. I can’t figure out what event precludes this. For a while I thought i was software updates, but it’s happened now since the last update.