Screen turns black with HDR content


My screen Lg Oled turns black from time to time when it plays HDR content, this blackouts happen randomly

Seems happening since last update, I had too the problem of the resizing screen but I fixed it

Any suggestion


Have you tried a different HDMI cable, resetting the connections with the cable your using now, or trying a different input on your TV? If you had tried those without success I would suggest to provide some debug logs which may shine a light on the situation…

I’m sorry it’s been a long time but I was kind of busy
Everything works with same HDMI cable, and other inputs work just fine

Here it is my debug file

Any help I would apreciate it


Enabling debug logging may give some more clues.

If you connect directly to the TV, bypassing the Marantz AVR, does it work?
We can force HDR to some older AVRS which works for some, but might not work for yours.



I didn’t try to bypass AVR, but what do you mean by “force HDR”? and by “old” you mean my Marantz AVR from 2017? Before updating Vero V it worked like a charm with Vero IV


mine did the same once- a restart helped.

I’d run it to the TV directly first as a test.

Then if that works we can investigate further.