Screensaver that outputs no video?

When a screensaver suspends the Vero, it will also stop the movie; it’s kinda annoying to open the video again and fast forward to where I left off. The “display off” screensaver seems unreliable; CEC doesn’t reliably turn off the TV. The “black” screensaver makes me forget my TV is actually on; my TV just ends up staying black and powered on forever.

Question: Is there a screensaver that outputs no video? I don’t want black output: I just want no output. That way, my TV automatically powers itself off when there is no output in 10 minutes or so. I also don’t want it to suspend so I can pick up immediately from where I’m at.


Yes. See GitHub - osmc/script.vero4kstandby


Just hit the “Menu” button while the video is selected, then select “Resume” and you won’t have to fast forward.

This worked! Thank you!!

Hey Sam, I noticed this addon no longer works with the latest Kodi. Any chance you can update it?

It probably just needs a bump to the addon XML to make it work again.

You can use the suspend option to kill the HDMI signal


Thanks! I will poke at it. If I figure out what’s wrong with the XML, I’ll send a PR.

Thanks, you probably need to bump the addongui dependency so it works with newer versions of Kodi.

Vero4k-screensaver, PR sent for update to Matrix, but spelling isn’t my strong suite.