Script on Playback

I need some help with loading a script whenever i play a video.

What i want to archieve is this:
I run my Raspberry with a VideoGrabber for Ambilight and Hyperion.
So what i want to do is: Whenever i start a video via OSMC i want OSMC to exchange the configuration file of Hyperion and restart the Hyperion service.
And when i stop the Video, OSMC switches back to the v4l2 USB Videograbber config.

Any ideas how i can do this?

Is there any action or method like “OnPlayback” where i can put my script in?

best regards,

I think if you use the proiorities in hyperion config file, it should automatically switch to OSMC video, when it is played and back if it stops.

can you explain that a little more?

i never heard of that feature and cant find anything documented on github?

a like or any site with info would suffice!

thanks a lot :smile:

Have a look at their wiki. Use the commented part for the internal v4l grabber and put it in to your configfile (uncommented of course).