Scroll issue on my Rasp

Hi all,

I was using raspbmc for a while but I couldn’t anymore watch youtube. So I decided to switch to osmc although it is still a RC version. I installed osmc using a SD card on a rasp B. Installation went well but it is not usable with mouse (USB) only. Mouse wheel doesn’t seem to be active. There seems to be some (too fast) auto-scroll in other situations. So I can’t access most parts of menus.

Want can I do to use osmc with my rasp and usb mouse?

Use the Confluence skin - it is better for mouse

How to switch to Confluence?

As far as I understand, one have to go to setting menu. Unfortunately, it is not visible on my screen (1920x1080). I imagine that I have to scroll down to find it… but I can’t scroll. Another method to use Confluence? (like ssh/command line)


I’m afraid I don’t know how to do it from the command line.
The alternative is to use a remote control, which is what the OSMC skin is designed for.

You don’t have a usb keyboard you can plug in long enough to change the skin? (I assume you’re using a mouse because you have no remote.)

Controlling Kodi with a mouse is possible of course, but I find that a remote control does a much better job.

You have an android or iOS device? There are a number of Kodi remotes for both platforms.

Do you have a browser on another computer in your house? Point the browser at ip.of.osmc.pi:8080 and use the remote built into the webcontrol.

That is, of course, a better idea than mine. lol

Thanks all for your answers.

So, I connected with a browser on another computer just using IP adress, not the port part (:8080). I was able to switch to Confluence. Presently I’m doing some more fine tunning.

You’re talking about using a remote. Do you mind a dedicated one for the rasp or the one of the TV through DVI link? I have a Samsung TV (2 years old) and I would be very pleased to use the one the TV.