SD Card corrupted after Update


my SD Card got corrupted after I tried to Update to the latest release.
I can’t format the card on windows, looks like the update changed something to read only?

I’ve tried to run “sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo reboot” didn’t work.
I’ve tried to add “recovery” to the “/boot/cmdline.txt” but also didn’t work, file is read only…

OSMC starts normaly after the information, that the system failed to repair itself

Any suggestions?

The card failed. During an upgrade this can happen because so much data is being written to the card. But it wasn’t the upgrade that caused it, it would have happened soon because the card was worn out.

Get a new, high quality card. The one on the OSMC store is good.

So nothing I can do to repair the card? Its a high quality card… Not a no name product.
I see the card in windows but also SD card formatter fails at 95%

If the formatter fails, then the card is toast. That’s just the way SD cards are.