SD card performance


I brought A SD card from ebay which I originally believed was fake. I tested it with H2testw 1.4 and it came back ‘all good’. I noticed the write time was around 9mb/s and the read around 20mbs. I was testing this through a usb reader so Im not sure its accurate.

The read / write times of the card are advertised at 4 times this.

  1. Is there a command I can type to sed what the read time of the card is in OSMC.
  2. What read / write times are considered decent performance wise?

Thank You.

Make / Model?

Have a search for iozone on this forum. There are a few posts re benchmarking.

Chuck the link to the eBay card here and I will take a look.

Thanks for the responses!

The card is a SandDisk microSDHC UHS-1. I purchased it as part of a package here .

I ran iozone3 and the card came back as follows:

Block Size 4k Write 0.236328 Rewrite 0.230469 Read 5.91797 Reread 5.88867 Random Read 5.29004 Random Write 0.237305
Block Size 512k Write 5.12305 Rewrite 4.52832 Read 19.0908 Reread 19.0576 Random Read 19.043 Random Write 2.23828

The card passed the following Fake SD tests:
1.SD Insight (Android App).
2.H2testw 1.4

I’m not sure if Iozone3 is reporting an acceptable read / write performance. The card is advertised at read writes of 40 write / 90 read…

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Anyone know if this is the expected performance of this card?