SD Card size

I try and use only an 8GB SD Card for my Raspberry Pi OSMC image dumping. What I forget is the last time I built a fresh install of OSMC on my Raspberry Pi, I used a 16GB SD Card.
The problem with that the manufacturer of SD Cards never make identical sized 16GB SD Cards. When you create an image on your PC like OSMC.IMG, and put a brand new 16 GB SD Card in my PC and go to store the image I just created, it says that the SD Card has insufficient space on it to write the image to.
It’s about 311KB too small.
After upgrading to Krypton, is there any unused files on the SD Card I can delete so I can recreate the OSMC.IMG so I have room to write it to my other 16GB SD Card?
All I see on the PC is the WIN95 partition in Windows.
The file would have to come from that partition.

Deleting files won’t help because you are taking block level backups

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You could use something like a Clonezilla Live CD/USB to copy to another card. I think it would handle the size difference.

Use USB Image tool
In options you can set ignore oversize images

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use osmc-restore /