Sd card speed

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling to get download speeds much above 28MBs, I get 110 using speedtest newest cli way on a Gb connection. I bought this card, Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 130MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card inc. SD-Adapter (MB-ME256KA/EU), Blue but don’t seem to get the speed. Same speed on a sandisk usb. I noticed downloading to emmc is a lot faster but not big enough for 4k stuff. First world problems I know but was wondering what speeds the sd and usb3 slots can achieve. Also downloading to internal pretty much froze the box until it was done but did go fast.


Which file system are you using? If your using a NTFS or FAT format then there is going to be a speed hit from that. Formatting in ext will give much better performance in Linux.

I’ll give that a try thanks. I have my hard drives in ext4 but didn’t think it would make much difference on an sdcard.

Just a quick update, formatted the sdcard and the usb to ext4. Tried the sdcard first and it went up above 50MBs but then started dropping wheras the usb, sandisk, went to 50 and climbed a bit further from there so more than doubled my speed. Bit disappointed with the sdcard but as i say, first world problems and it was about 12 quid on sale. I’ll stick it in my backup cctv box as its plenty fast enough for that.

There may also be hardware limitations that will cap the speed as well depending on what your using. For example, an ext formatted drive on a Vero 4k+ is unable to saturate a gigabit connection with a SMB file transfer, but a Vero V can.

@grahamh reported 165MB/s read with a good SD card he was using on Vero V.

That will be certainly sufficient for playing back any content.

Obviously speed will be dependent on the SD card you buy.

I’m sure the read speeds would be higher I was just trying to see if I could max my gigabit line download. Not a complaint against the V, its clearly write speeds arent great on my usb stick or sd card but getting half of that speed on the usb is still more than enough and can still stream remuxes at the same time.