SD card unreadable after update

I am also stuck on the splash screen after the update. I can’t use a PC to alter text as my SD card appears to now be dead.I can’t even format it to reinstall. Can’t ssh into it either. This is on a Rasperry Pi 2


I’ve moved your post to a thread of its own as if your SD card is faulty you don’t have the same issue.

First question is have you tried using SD Formatter V4.0 to erase the card ?

Is it larger than 32GB ? Older card readers / card slots cannot read cards larger than 32GB and will make them appear to be unformatted and unreadable.

Directory name is invalid with that as well.Card is a class 10 16GB Verbatim.It was working just fine until the update.

I have it working now and have fixed it using Sam’s solution in another thread. Ta.