SD Card Won't Read - Vero4k

I just received my Vero 4k a couple of weeks ago and realized that you need external power to connect media through the USB devices, or sometimes it might crash the system.
I wanted to go the SD card route, it’s a lot cleaner anyways while I setup home network.

I tried a micro SD that I have here but for some reason the system doesn’t seem to read it? I can’t see it in file manager, and doesn’t trigger anything when I connect it. I will say that is a little loose when you slide it in the MicroSD slot, however it holds just enough that if you hold it in the air the SD card won’t fall off, however it does maybeee a verryy tiny click but that’s about it.

Any ideas what might be happening here?

SD card should be logo down, pins up.

You may be inserting it upside down.

Simple enough :slight_smile: . Works now, assume I need some sort of pin to take it out, I didn’t want it to get stuck the other way around :slight_smile:

Follow up questions off topic.

  1. Fast forward for movies seems to not go very quickly, even at x16 speed, am I missing something here? Is there a way to get it to go in 30 sec interval or something? Example going through the credits of a movie trying to get to post credits scenes seems like a hassle in Kodi.

  2. Any way to power off or put TV on standby using OSMC remote? I tried long press but nothing.

  3. For audio settings, is there any difference in audio quality when doing passthrough vs non passthrough for example on a DTS-MA movie? I use a WISA receiver into a 5.1 setup, and it doesn’t decode DTS, only Dolby and takes PCM. Everything is working fine since it shows that im getting multichannel PCM when passthrough is checked on vs off, so I’m wondering if there are any benefits/cons on one vs the other for my specific setup (ex. loss in audio quality, or any significant changes). They all sound the same to me.

Thank you!

Each repeated right cursor click will increase the jump 10/30/60/300/600 seconds

Skip step in Kodi is the preferred navigation method. When playing video the left/right direction arrows do small jumps and up/down direction arrows large jumps if no chapter markers exist, and jump chapter markers if they do. More information can be found on Kodi’s wiki…

If your equipment is setup with CEC working the OSMC remote is configured to send a Kodi CEC suspend action if you long-press the home button when on the main home screen. This is the only screen in which it will send that signal. In order for suspend action to actually do something you would need to navigate to `settings>system>input>peripherals>cec adapter> and set “TV” on the “devices to power off during shutdown” setting. More information on the remote can be found here…

If your AVR does not have support for decoding any particular format then enabling passthrough for it will either give you no audio or a horrible sound you don’t want to hear. I would recommend reading through the following guide which should clarify most questions in this regard…

Thanks for providing this information. It has been helpful.

Follow up questions.
Ok on the skip part on Kodi, now I understand it.

  1. I tried doing this, but the HOME button long press still won’t turn off TV. Not sure what is causing this.

  2. For the audio piece, this definately helped. This is what I was refering to for audio quality. I have 2 images. One is doing passthrough with TrueHD and the other one I suppose Kodi is sending PCM.

As you can see, on the Passthrough piece, even though it’s raw its showing 8 bit vs. 32 Bit when sent through PCM. What is the difference here? Am I getting any loss of quality on passthrough?

Is CEC enabled and working with your TV? ie will your TV remote navigate Kodi and the volume buttons on the OSMC remote change the volume on the TV or is it adjusting the volume in Kodi? If CEC is working then check your CEC settings in Kodi again to make sure it is what you set. Sometimes people hit the return/back button instead of okay and thereby exiting without saving changes. You might also need to reboot for this setting to take effect, but I don’t recall off hand if this is the case.

Your basically comparing a FLAC to a WAVE file here and looking at the file format of the container to try to compare the contents of what it will be once it is output. It doesn’t really work like that. The PCM output should be the same if your AVR was unpacking it instead of the Vero. Depending on the situation it may have advantages sending the bitstream format if your AVR has processing that it allows to be done there that it doesn’t allow with multichannel PCM. The one vs. the other is not something that should normally be much of a question though. If your AVR supports the format then do passthrough and it gets an untouched audio track to do whatever it wants with. If the AVR does not support the format then you only have the choice between sending multichannel PCM vs. having Kodi convert it to AC3 (which would lower the quality).

  1. Yes, CEC is working on the TV. I can move through the menus with my LG remote, play and pause, however. On the OSMC remote, the volume changes the volume in Kodi and not on my TV, which I’m not sure how to get to default volume level honestly since I don’t see an indicator either.

  2. Got it. I guess my question is, in this specific situation, is the audio quality exactly the same from having it Kodi handle it and send it as PCM or to send it as passthrough to my “receiver” for it to do whatever it wants to do with it. (are volume levels, channels where each sound is outputted the same etc?)

Sorry, I misspoke a bit. The volume should be changing on your AVR instead of Kodi’s internal volume when their is a CEC enabled amplifier device on the bus. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you. With the settings and procedures I outlined before OSMC will send a CEC command for the selected device/s to shutdown. Part of the way that CEC works is that devices are able to do whatever they want so it would be up to the TV/AVR to actually turn off when requested. You might check your TV to see if you can find any relevant settings. I can tell you that it works on all the TV’s in my house including my LG.

If Kodi’s internal volume control is at 100% and you don’t have anything like center channel boost enabled then the audio quality should be the same AFAIK regardless of which device is unpacking the audio.

Got it.
Thank you,
I gave a bùnch of tries to the remote, but can’t get the Kodi Remote to change the volume on my TV. Also, not sure how to check if Kodi volume is at 100%

I have a LG Oled C9, and I just find weird that I can get my TV remote to do Kodi actions, however I can’t seem to get Kodi remote to do TV actions. I guess thats the part that I’m missing, getting the Kodi remote to do changes on my TV, which I haven’t been able to achieve.

Kodi will only switch from adjusting PCM volume to sending CEC volume commands if it sees a device on the CEC bus that identifies as an amplifier. That is just how the Kodi devs programmed it as they found limited support for various TV’s to respond to external volume commands. Because the OSMC remote is not a IR universal type remote, it can only control the device it is connected to, which in the case of OSMC includes sending some CEC commands. If there is no CEC enabled AVR or soundbar active then Kodi can only control its internal volume. The easiest way to check Kodi’s internal volume is to use a smart phone app or the web interface.

As for the Kodi remote doing TV actions are you expecting the OSMC remote to be able to navigate inside your TV menus and whatnot? This is not something any device can do over CEC. CEC was designed such that a TV could send navigation commands to connected devices but not the other way round. It was intended so you could connect a player to your TV and have basic control without a second remote. This type of control is a bit slower and limited in function so a second, or universal remote, may be preferred depending on the person.

Got it. Ill try to mobile app in order to check Kodi volume.

My only expectation is for the Kodi remote to be able to control the TV volume and also turn off the TV/Vero 4k box. If this is something that is supported, then I’m having issues doing it.
Right now the volume + and - button on Kodi seem to be only controlling Kodi Volume.

Other boxes that I have (ATT TV Android box) I can use the ATT remote to control TV volume through CEC.

Lastly, is there a way to power on the Vero 4k after I have turned it off through Shutdown? Only way I can get it to power on is removing the power supply and connecting it back again,.

No, but it is intended to stay on all the time. There is a suspend mode that can be turned on in the power settings.

Thank you! Thought so.
Is there a way to set timer or something so that it goes into suspend mode after certain time? Assuming default is taken to screensaver (which is dimming of screen)? Just trying to protect OLED screen.

Check Settings → System → Power Saving