SDR material played in 10bits 4:4:4

Since the last update, all my SDR material is played out in 10bit 4:4:4. I’mpretty sure, before this update it was played out in 8bit 4:2:0.

Is this behaviour normal, and am i losing anything here - quality wise, since there is some form of conversion going on?

There should be no quality difference…converting up from 8 bits to 10 bits just multiplies the values by 4, but the display then spreads out the total luma by the same factor of 4.

The change in color sampling just repeats the data from one pixel to the next ones…which is exactly what your display does when it receives a 4:2:0 signal. Essentially, every display uses 4:4:4 to display color (because every pixel has to be assigned a color somehow).

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That makes sense. Thank!

No it wasn’t, unless you hadn’t updated since July last year or you were playing 4k video through HDMI 1.4.