SDTV 720 x 576 not displaying correctly on Hisense TV

I use a V4k+ and a Mythtv backend to play live and recorded video on my Hisense TV. HD is fine, SD does not display correctly. The picture is compressed horizontally with black bars at either end.

I also have a V4k connected a Sony TV and it uses the same system. It displays correctly, so the problem appears to be the Hisense TV.

if I blank the 720 x 576 resolution using the white-list setting, the system up-scales to the next resolution, 1280 x 720. This fills the screen, but looks terrible and the playback is not smooth.

I’ve read the white-list how-to and played around with the settings, but to no avail. My V4k+ is basically set up as per that document.

It’s not a huge problem as most stuff worth watching these days is HD and that works well.

Any suggestions regarding how to fix this would be appreciated.

Try fiddling with Settings->Player->Videos->Display 4:3 videos as.

None of those settings make any difference.

Including on the Hi-Sense?

I hadn’t thought of the TV settings. It has two relevant modes ‘Automatic’ and ‘16:9’

It seems that setting to “Automatic” has solved the problem, but when you’re actually watching it shows it’s set to 16:9.

I’ll give it a couple of day before calling it cured.

Thanks for your help @grahamh

Good to hear. I have four TVs and they are all different when it comes to the aspect ratio setting.

One other thing, I had to set the “Display 4:3 Videos as” setting to “normal” to get those to display correctly. I don’t mind the black bars.

Thanks again for you help @grahamh

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