Second Vero stream from first


Hey guys, simple question. If I buy another Vero 4K for the bedroom, can I wirelessly stream my media that is connected to the first in the living room?

Also if I buy a new Vero 4K+ can I set it up as a replacement for my Vero using some sort of settings transfer?




Do you mean access the drives attached to the first Vero? Yes.
To copy over settings, you can use the Backup and Restore option in My OSMC.



Yes drives attached by USB to the first Vero.

Perfect, thanks Sam!


Install Samba Server on the Vero (from My OSMC -> App Store) and you can then access the files over the network



Any idea when the Vero 4K+ is back in stock? Glad you had great sales over Christmas!


This week.


Generally yes, but depends on your wireless network quality and the bit rate of your media


Just wanted to say that I am extremely happy with my setup. The second 4k streams really nicely from the first, I’m mainly watching SD and HD stuff (no 4k) so there is minimal buffering.