Secure network connection from a Workstation to a Vero 4K

I have files on my workstation which I wish to view in another room and plan to use a Vero 4K as the receiver and renderer.

The simplest way for me to make files available would be using nfsV4 server but can the Vero 4K run an NFSV4 client?

Any other suggestions which might be suitable. I specified because I do not want these files broadcast all over our network but just between specific people, once they are logged in.

Yes - Vero can connect to NFS shares without issue


Hi Sam,
I wish it were that simple. I have enabled NFSv4 on server and the Vero client and have added ‘insecure’ to my server configuration on advice concerning using V4. My exports line is:-

alastair@HP-Z640-1:/etc> cat exports

I had assumed that the client would mount using fstab but no, so how do I configure the Vero 4K client please?


Do you get an error message when the mount fails?

Regards Tom.

Hi Tom,
I didn’t try and mount as I had the message and all my mounts are hashed out:-

# rootfs is not mounted in fstab as we do it via initramfs. Uncomment for remount (slower boot)
#/dev/vero-nand/root  /    ext4      defaults,noatime    0   0
# UUID=64A5-F009 /mnt/alastair exfat rw,users,uid=1000,dmask=000,fmask=000,nofail 0 0
# /mnt/Multimedia   nfs   noauto,x-systemd.automount  0  0

I had been trying to mount using the remote control until now but the nfs server for the relevant system is not shown. I can ping each way between machines and I am seeking help now my attempts have failed and thought cli route might be better so I can see what I am (not) doing!

I really do not know enough about firewall and have not configured any specific ports but have protocols dhcpv6-client, mountd, nfs, rpc-bind and ssh enabled.

I have three other nfs client connections showing although only one is being used at present.


I suggest giving this a read:-

The client sections, should give you the information you need.

Regards Tom.

Hi Tom,
Having read your excellent suggestions, for which many thanks indeed, I was able to auto mount using autofs and everything is working as planned. I note that autofs had already been installed in this Vero system.

I have no idea why I could not succeed in getting nfs connection to work simply using the remote and Kodi interface and wonder if it was because I already had autofs installed, but what I have now is working very well and of course I can select and play using remote as usual.
Many thanks again.

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Hi all,
Is it OK to resume this thread or better to start another?

Depends what you want? Is it related to this question? Because reading through the thread all questions were answered.

My problem follows directly from the above and the link from Tom. I had followed the advice from that link and was very please as I had it all resolved.

Now, what used to work has stopped working and when I looked into it I could not see what has gone wrong. Should I start again or continue?

Continue and start with sharing full logs

Ok thanks.
I have uploaded the full logs. The machine is not quite as I had it previously as I have been trying to follow the instructions.

May have to pause because I am running Tumbleweed on this server and the last update reboot has crashed all my NFS clients too.

You’ll need to provide the URL for the uploaded logs.

If I’m reading this correctly then none of your NFS clients are working and a recent update killed them all, is this right?

The logs are at:-

OK here is what my nfs server is showing for exports:-

alastair@HP-Z640-1:/etc> cat exports

As I interpret this my export server is and the share is /run/media/alastair/old_data but when I look at this from the client end I cannot get this to mount.

This is not quite right. On my workstation I have several nfs client connections to NFS servers on my subnet. It was these that have been giving some trouble since I did the Tumbleweed which brought in Plasma 6 on my KDE desktop. Seems like this was a transient as they are now up and running.

I also am using my workstation as an NFS server to serve a directory to a remote client, the Vero 4K, and it is this that I am working on and is the subject of this thread.
Since I posted the log above I can no longer ssh into the Vero 4K, which is odd because I can ping it fine.
Any ideas? Can I reset ssh on the Vero from the remote/keyboard as I need to be able to ssh into it.
I tried with another Vero a 4K+ and I have the same problem.

After a few hours I have worked it out and the problem is with Tumbleweed nfs server. For some reason it cannot take two client adrresses so I have to have the server enabled for just the one ip address or use the * solution which I did not want.

I shall follow up on this tomorrow with openSUSE forum as I may have my understanding wrong. Will get back to you with results and ask again if I have a different problem.
Sorry if I have wasted your time again.

A postscript to this thread. The problem I had was in the way I had configured the NFS server. My mistake, now sorted.
I do have one remaining question with the set up for these mounts to access media files:-

One Vero 4K has media location as nfs://<IPaddress_1>/run/media/alastair/old_data

the second Vero 4K has media location as /mnt/<IPaddress_2>/

Not sure how I arrived at this second address. Both work but which is correct approach?

The first one is using the Kodi built in NFS client (not depending on fstab or autos) the second one is using Kernel based mounts (that you configured via fstab).

Both work while the second one is more performant

Hi and thanks again. Sorry about my wasting time.
I have no idea how I arrived at the fstab solution. I cannot check now as I only have the one power supply where I am sitting and have Vero 4K+ installed. Still saving for the 5!

Meanwhile there had been mention of coming upgrade. Is Kodi 21 now available for Vero. I only asked, not anxious to change anything but would like to know what is coming and when.

Have a good Holiday,

Kodi v21 isn’t available for any platform yet as it hasn’t been released yet.

After Kodi v20.5 is released we will make some test builds in the near future on this forum.