Seeing Vero 4K On Network


I have looked through the ‘How To’ topics but can’t see this on there. (It’s probably because it’s so basic no one ever needs help with it!)

I have an iMac connected via WiFi and the Vero 4K connected via Ethernet (although I could connect via WiFi if it helps)

I’m not sure of the procedure of how I can see the Vero 4K on the network and then upload files to the HDD connected to it. I want to be able to open a folder and drop in a movie file. Is that possible to do fairly simply? What’s the process called? Is it Samba?

Thank you in advance.

In MyOSMC you have the App-store, Install Samba(smb) server, then any connect usb-drive and osmc home folder should be visable over the network.

I think you might have to authenticate yourself with user: osmc and passwd: osmc

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Thanks for the advice. I can now see the osmc on the network and the folders that are on the HDD. But when I click on the folders it shows as nothing in them. Is this likely to be something that needs changing setting wise on the Vero 4K or computer?

Your browsing the Vero from your Mac and looking at a external hard drive plugged into the Vero and the existing files are not being shown? Are you sure you are actually looking at the drive and not the default folders. I don’t know how it looks on a Mac but on a PC it is something like…

\\\\stuff in that drive

but there is also

\\\osmc\TV shows

And those are all mapped to internal storage and empty unless you put something in them.

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Ah yes it’s just showing the internal folders then. I have the same folders setup on the HDD that’s why I thought that. I’m not sure what I need to change to get it to look at the HDD. I appreciate it’s almost impossible to advise on this as you can’t actually see my computer.

Sounds like there has been no real authentication? Did you get to input username osmc and password? Might have been that macOS just guessed that the local username should be used?

Not a Macos user here

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when going to Vero over the network you got share/haress: one of them is OSMC, which is the local storage on the Vero. If you got a usbdrive connected you should be able to connect to it via //[veros_ip]/[lable of harddrive]

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I have no clue how Macs work as I have not touched one in several decades, but however you connected to it you probably just need to backup a folder. If you connected to something like \\vero\osmc then you need to instead connect to just \\vero. The system is setup by default such that you are sharing the home directory (osmc) and any drive you plug in as well. The drives plugged in are shared at the same level as the osmc share, not inside of it like I pointed out in my previous post.

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Thanks both I’ll look at this again in the morning. I have Authenticated it by putting in osmc for user and password. I’ll look with fresh eyes tomorrow after work. I know it’s just me and not an issue with any of the hardware.

Ok so I’ve got this working now. I can see the HDD and also am able to copy items to it. However it is very slow. I’ve sent 200GB to the HDD but it says estimated time 5 days.

The setup is a HDD plugged into the Vero 4K via USB. The Vero 4K is plugged into an Ethernet cable which goes to the router. The iMac is connected to the router via WiFi 5GZ and is literally next to it behind a wall.

Is there a setting that is generally known as a ‘go to’ for faster transfer speeds? Does anyone have any ideas?

First step test the network speed between the Mac and the Vero. With the results shared we can give additional suggestions.

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