Seeking in recorded videos when viewing?

Am I missing something? I can fast-forward, but is there any way to seek to a certain position? I tried clicking on the progress bar, but nothing happened…

Hint: Old PVR had this feature where you could hit 5 3 and it would seek to 53%

If you are using a remote with a full set of number buttons or a keyboard just start typing the desired time in hours minutes and seconds then press OK/Enter.

Otherwise up and down for large (usually 10 minute) jumps and left and right for small jumps is your quickest way to get somewhere.

I hate remotes :slight_smile: I have a full miniature keyboard. I guess that will work the same way? I did try left/right arrow, but they did not seem to work.

I did try using a remote, initially, but removed it as it was too tedious to do any typing.

Edit: Arrow keys do not work, but typing in the time in hms works. Thanks!

Arrow keys on a keyboard should work - I use it all the time.

You are right. I have no idea why it did not work earlier.