Selecting Tracks before starting Playback

Hi, i know how to change Audio ans Subtitle Tracks when playing a Video, but is there a way to select the Tracks before starting the Playback? Maybe some hidden Kodi/OSMC Feature or maybe there is an Add-On that will handle this? I searched the Web, but found nothing that fit my needs. Plex has something like this, when selecting a Movie you can choose which Audio and Subtitle Track is used for Playback but i also need to select the Video Track. The Reason i need this is the following: After my 18TB File Server was asking for more Storage Space i decided to reencode my Movies in h265 and optimize my way of saving Files. Right now, if i have a 3D Movie, i have 2 Files, one with the 3D and one with the Full-HD Video Track. This means, that i have a lot of wasted Space (double Audio and Subtitle Tracks). If i merge these 2 Files into one i gain a lot of Space back, and with the default and forced flags i can manage to start 1 Version by default, in my case 3D is the default. But if i want to watch the Movie in 2D, maybe there are not enough 3D glasses or i cannot find them, i have to start the Movie, Disable 3D Mode, change Video and Subtitle Track, very laborious. I Know Kodi offers teh Option the watch a 3D Movie in 2D, but there is a loss in Resolution and everytime you would see a 3D effect the Image is cut, mostly on the left side of the screen and i do not want this. Best thing would be that there comes an Selection Menu when choosing a Movie where you can set with which Video, which Audio and which Subtitle Track the Video should be played.
Is there a way to achieve this or this there an Add-On out there that can do this?