Selective restore by plugin or category

I would like a user option to select what to restore. If I step on one plugin with a lot of options 5 backups ago, I would like to be restore just the plugin I stepped on and leave everything else as it is now. If there was an option to just restore the skin settings without changing anything else, it would be handy. There are probably other categories, like sources for example, that would be useful.

In backup/restore products for files, this capability is standard. I’m not knowledgeable enough about kodi standards and practices to know if this is unfeasible, difficult or easy. But I think that once it was available, everyone would wonder how we lived without it.

All of this can easily be extracted from a backup created by current methods but, restoring these individual portions would have to be done manually. It’s unlikely that OSMC will provide such fine grained automation of this restore process for such a small niche use-case. Cost vs benefit in time/resources to develop such a function is not currently feasible.