Semi public wifi

I have read through almost every thread I can find about using a browser through Osmc and found the workaround, but I have a different layer to my problem than the threads I’ve seen.

I am currently deployed and only have one way of accessing the internet. The service provider requires a login on a web page to get external internet access. This being said, I can’t get any of the required tools to get the browser work-around (which I need to log into the network in the first place)

If there is some way of logging into a page like that through terminal or something, that would eliminate my need for the browser in the first place so on and so on. I’m fairly inexperienced with any version of Linux let alone the rpi

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time.

Don’t really know enough about your situation to know if this will work, but do you have ANY device with a browser [like a smartphone]?

If so, install a proxy server on the OSMC device [tinyproxy is easy to set up].

Configure the browser on the other device to use the OSMC device as a proxy [you’ll need to know the OSMC devices IP address and the port you’ve configure the proxy to use].

Accessing the web on the other device should now enable internet access for the OSMC device.

If “deployed” means what I think it does then don’t allow anyone else to access this proxy as all of their usage will appear to be from you and you could be held liable for whatever they get up to.
e.g. stop it once you have connected

Many eons ago my ADSL provider required login to a form, I “solved” that by using curl to post uid/pwd to the login form. Not sure if curl is installed by default on OSMC?

I think a lot will depend on how the captive portal is configured. If it allows data through on the basis of MAC address, once you’ve supplied the correct credentials, you might have a chance of getting something to work on the Pi itself. If it uses a browser-based cookie, things might get quite complicated.

If you can SSH to your Pi, you can try using the Lynx browser from the command line. I can’t claim any deep expertise in using Lynx, and treat it as more of a fun curiosity, but it might allow you to get past the captive portal. Remarkably, it’s completely text-based and doesn’t need X to work.

Lynx isn’t on OSMC by default, but can be installed by running:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lynx

(Top tip: to go to a URL, type the letter g.)