Send all Audio to Pulseaudio Network Sink

Hi there! first of all thanks for the good work on osmc!

i have osmc rc running on raspberry b+, connected to a beamer via hdmi.
on the other side of the room i have my stereo connected to another raspberry with a hifiberry attached running a pulseaudio sink.
now i like osmc to send all audio output via the network to the pulseaudio sink.
the sink is working perfectly well from my ubuntu laptop, it also syncronises video and audio automatically.
i searched for weeks and couldn’t find anything regarding this topic.

thanks in advance for help!

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I am also interested in this feature. I have a pi with a runeaudio system as well as my osmc system and would like to be able to stream the audio to the rune audio system.

Nothing? Anybody got any ideas or forwarding links?


now, since the upgrade to release candidate 3, i can select PulseAudio Server in the Audio Output menu.
this sounds great! maybe we can archieve now to configure pulseaudio to send all audio to the sink. is there anybody familiar with pulseaudio under osmc?


Any news on this? OSMC seems to create a output device in Pulse and populates it over the network, so my other Linux machines can see it. But when choose it as output device my OSMC device (Raspberry pi 1B+) does not make a noise.
Is there any way to make that happen? Would be a killer feature!

post scriptum: I found out that was I saw on my other Machines was OSMC’s Apple AirPlay thing.

more than a year passed by, did anyone make it running? I have exactly the same missions as @mok

Make sure you load ALSA
Check your mixer volumes

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@sam_nazarko I installed alsa and pulseaudio

sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils pulseaudio
uncommented these rows in /etc/pulse/
load-module module-null-sink sink_name=rtp format=s16be channels=2 rate=44100 s$
load-module module-rtp-send source=rtp.monitor

set default to rtp
set-default-sink rtp

And on my other pi with jessy-light, I installed pulseaudio and enabmbled receive module in
load-module module-rtp-recv

by running pulseaudio -v (on both) OSMC seems to be detected:

I: [pulseaudio] sink-input.c: rtp.origin = “osmc 3691950577 0 IN IP4”

So I guess all I need to do is select “ALSA Default (bcm2835 ALSA bcm2835 ALSA)” as my audio device in OSMC.
Nothing happens, sound is still send to my TV (HDMI)

Sorry I have to correct myself, all I had to do was rebooting OSMC while having my SpeakerPi running.
This made a new audio output appear > ALSA: PulseAudio Sound Server
This one works just fine. Thanks!