Send bluetooth commands remotely

Hi, random one.
Anyone know a method to send bluetooth commands remotely, without a bluetooth remote?
I know you will recommend using a Kodi remote app, or ssh, or something else but my query is very specific for a reason.

We had a device for infra red commands (from but more and more devices are opting for bluetooth remotes instead or IR.
Anyone know of anything?

You can do it with a BT keyboard, or another device pretending to be a keyboard. Did you mean to control Kodi from your PC?

Have a TV box with a bluetooth remote in one location and want to send BT commands from another location, preferably via a timer.
With the IR sender I it would copy the IR signal and then i could set up scheduled commands where the IR transmitter would replicate the original saved command.

It feels like BT should make this a lot easier than IR.
A Pi with a bluetooth transmitter HAT? but then how to ‘copy’ or ‘learn’ the command from the BT remote…

You need to find out what profile the remote is using. If it’s just a serial profile and it’s sending ASCII symbols you could connect it to a PC and see if you can ‘type’ with it to get the codes.

Then your Pi wouldn’t need a HAT - use the on-board BT. But you’d need to write some code to send the keystrokes you need.