Separate inputstream settings for different apps?

The same addon inputstream is used for both the netflix app and in my case my lightbox app. Lightbox is HW decoded and is mostly in 1080P, where the netflix app needs to be limited to 720p and SW decoding, so I’m continually changing between those settings when watching one or the other.

Is it possible to have separate settings for the addon depending on what other addon is using it?

This would be one to request on the Kodi forum


OK, I’ll report back here if I find the answer.

I haven’t really had any answers from the Kodi forum for diff settings per app, but one reply makes sense:

“in inputstream.adaptive settings try to set up Max. Resolution general decoder to MAX and Max. Resolution secure decoder to 720p that should do the trick.”

Seems to be working. Mind you, I’ve never been able to force the netflix app to even try and SW decode a 1080p.