Sept 1 Update - SMB 1 NAS access

Hi I just let the september update run and now i can not connect to my NAS storage to view anything, im guessing SMBv1 has been deactivated and because my NAS is a Thecus N7700 which is old it does not have the ability to use V2 or V3.

Does anyone know how to reactivate SMBV1 ? Or any other ideas on how to deal with my issue

Same for me with an old NAS stuck in SMBv1

In Service/Smb settings menu, forcing both minimal and maximal version to SMBv1, has solved for me the issue. Can’t remember what was my parameters before, but after updating to last upgrade, settings were set to minimal = default, maximal = Smbv3

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If you use Kodi mounts (which I assume) follow the suggestions from @Iglooz if problem still exists or you are not using Kodi mounts please let us know.