Sept 2017 update - failed to start broadcom 43xx bluetooth HCI

After the sept '17 update my raspi3 no longer has bluetooth capabilities. A message appears at startup that the 43xx broadcomm bluetooth HCI failed to start. Prior to the update all was good

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This should now be fixed. Just update again.


I’m affected by the same thing, my bluetooth broke after installing the sept upgrade. I did just update but still getting

Oct 01 18:48:19 mediabox systemd[1]: Starting Broadcom 43xx bluetooth HCI…
Oct 01 18:48:20 mediabox systemd[1]: Failed to start Broadcom 43xx bluetooth HCI.

I did just do a sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade and it reinstalled Upgrade: bluetooth:armhf (5.23-2, 5.23-2+deb8u1), but it still doesn’t work.

I attempted to do an update both within osmc and via sudo atp update but system response in both cases with… system up to date, no new updates available.

When did you check for updates?

This was only fixed a few minutes ago; so you may have checked before the update was made available.


Just updated. Problem fixed. Great work Sam! Much appreciated!

Mine was cleared up also after applying the new update.