September Update Broke SMB Automount and How I Fixed it

I am posting this as an FYI in case anyone else ran into this issue.

On my Vero 4K I use systemd to auto-mount a SMB share from the Ubuntu 20.04 server on which I keep all of my media. But after the September update I got the “this item no longer exists” message when trying to play anything on the Vero because the auto-mount stopped working.

After much trial and error, it turns out that the vers=3.11 option, which was needed to make the automount work properly before the update needs to be changed to vers=2.0 for it to work after the update.

I have no idea why this fix worked, but if anyone finds their SMB mounts breaking, perhaps this will help.

Should be vers=3.0
Did you actually try to leave the version enforcement out?

vers=3.0 did not work before the update, which is why vers=3.11 was in my systemd mount.
And leaving it off also doesn’t work before or after the update.