Serious lag on 1080p SMB video video playback

Hi there! I have a raspberry PI 1 B+ with RC3 of this fancy new system. The system is very pretty and featureful, however I miss the old RaspbMC at times.

The new system is very laggy on video playback over SMB shares… this is something I had no issue with in the systems of old (RaspbMC and whatever the one in between was called… Kodi?).

I will assume this is an issue due to the release candidate status of the system as well as the SMB client having a very low version number!

I donated some money so that coding people will have to slave away at normal jobs less and resolve niggles more hahaha.

If I may be serious for a bit though… if there is any known fix for this, it is greatly appreciated if someone could point me towards it as this is a very frustrating issue.

Kind regards

If you are on RC3 then you should be upgrading to final which has been available for more than a week now. MyOSMC update module will handle this. Short of that, there is a pinned post at the top of the Help and Support forum outlining how to provide useful info, particularly debug logs, so that your issue can be pinpointed instead of throwing darts at a board and guessing at the problem. Troubleshooting in that fashion is a waste of your time and ours. In the meantime, we’ll stand by for more details from you.

I thought this was a common issue, it seems it is not (which explain why the forums contained no apparent info on this). Logs and template below.

It did some updating that took a long while after it was installed. I am unsure whether this updates to the newest version by itself or not… I could be running the stable version, I don’t know if it does like Ubuntu and update to the latest stable subversion or updates the main version. I downloaded RC3 via the installer anyway.

The URL for uploaded log is http://paste,OSMC

Here is a template:
Device: Rasp Pi B+
Ram: 512 (I think, max memory says 363156 kb so shoud be)
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wifi, no setup changed from Kodi (it was kodi was it not)
Power Supply Type:
Power specs:
Peripherals: (What devices are connected to your device? USB hub?)
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): (USB drive, NFS, SMB?)
OSMC version: (bottom of the screen in MyOSMC or cat /etc/os-release | grep VERSION_ID)
XBMC version: (grep Kodi .kodi//temp/kodi.log | head -2)
Codecs: H.264
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: Have tried on normal, medium and high, no difference.
LINK TO LOGS: http://paste,OSMC

It’s a bit disappointing that you aren’t even reading what we are requesting here…

Regardless… your log url is also not accurate, after changing the comma in the url, the /abecupbow paste does not send anyone to a valid log paste.

Quick ways of diagnosing poor network performance:

  • Do you have another PC you can connect to the share from? How are speeds copying a file on this?
  • Have you mounted shares via Kodi or via ‘/etc/fstab’. Try the opposite to what you have done and note if there is an improvement
  • Are you using Windows 7 or later? Someone recently pointed out a registry setting that can be changed to improve performance. There should also be a way of changing the SMB protocol version in the registry too.
  • Disable jumbo frames on your network adapter?
  • Upload Kodi.log


Well I am obviously new to these forums and it seems that I missed some information. No need for that kind of tone, I am trying to contribute to a better system (with what little knowledge and means I have), just like you are.

I will do another attempt tonight and see if I can get a working log upload and the missing version number.


EDIT: It should be noted that this was intended to ActionA.

I also suspect network issues (although the network itself is working ok, I can play things on my laptop from my stationary via SMB share, both are running Ubuntu). The CPU very rarely bottoms out when playing a video so it seems to me that the issue is in the way the system connects to the network or to the SMB share, although that is just a hunch. I’ll dig deeper when I get home tonight!


OK, I can no longer replicate the issues… Maybe it was an intermittent network issue, I don’t know. I could replicate it a couple of times but I did not manage to produce any working logs and all the while I had no issues with playback from my laptop over SMB.

Should the issues reappear, I’ll try to produce proper logs and make a new post. Admin is free to do what he/she see fit with the thread (lock, scrap, whatever).

Thanks for the help and sorry I could not produce any valuable info on the issue.