Serious network problem after upgrade

Owner of Raspberry Pi B…
Today I made an upgrade with
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.
After all done and reboot, I didn’t obtain a wired connection. In the settings app, in the wired connection tab, all fields are empty. If I manually put IP address, mask, gateway, etc. and then go to “apply”, nothing happens, and after exit and restart addon, fields are always empy. May I mount sd card on a PC and change something on it?
I really would not reinstall, because I have MySQL server setting and some other things installed… furthermore I think that final version is short to come.

Debug logs?

I fear that this is useless :frowning:

I see that preseed.cfg is present in the root of sd and IP values are all correct…

What packages did you upgrade?

I don’t remember :frowning:
Yesterday, I made an apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade. At end of procedure, no more wired network…

Really,isn’t there any solution?

I don’t know what packages you have upgraded. I would check /var/log/apt.log

Tomorrow I’ll post the log (I need a linux pc to read sd card). Is the network settings only my problem? Is there any other that have this problem? Have you ever tried to change network IP values from within osmc settings app?

Here it is:

I Had the very same issue.

I Got my Pi 2, Tried updated thru the interface and it was’t that smooth so I decided to employ the command line method. I used the following commands in order:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I am not sure what packages it installed but the end result was that there was no wired connection. The message I kept on getting was “No internet Connection, please check your network settings.”

I do not understand the OSMC setup that well, atleast not yet, and I was in no mood to tinker given how late it was, so I reinstalled using the OSMC installer and this time, I updated using the GUI …All smooth.

The update went perfectly fine and I was able to configure OSMC.

Hopefully this helps. Unfortunately I cannot provide the logs since I already overwrote the OS but just wanted to let you guys know that OP was not an isolated incident and that it can be recreated using the method described above.