Serve uPnp content via hotspot but not connected to Internet

Hi, newbie here, so please forgive if this has already been answered somewhere - I’ve searched but not found anything that describes what I want to do.

I’m building an instance of OSMC on a Raspberry Pi as an xmas gift for a friend who has an iPad and sometimes goes away camping, where there is no Internet. I wanted to setup OSMC so that it can serve uPnp media to the iPad via the OSMC Hotspot. I’ve got everything working beautifully at home when connected to my home network, however when I disconnect it from my network and link the iPad to the OSMC wifi hotspot, it can (slowly) browse the list of movies, and display details, however when I start to play a movie I get “An error occurred loading this content”.

Am I trying to make it operate in a way that it’s simply not built for?

Many thanks!

Probably easier for OSMC to connect to the iPad hotspot

Ah, now that’s an interesting idea! I think I misunderstood the purpose/limitations of the hotspot from the start. I’ll give your idea a go, many thanks for that! :slight_smile:

hmmm…well I’ve setup the personal hotspot on my iPhone (I don’t have an iPad, but believe this must be similar enough??), switched off my OSMC hotspot, and then connected OSMC to the iPhone hotspot.

Problem now is that I no longer see “osmc (uPNP)” listed as an available share - but osmc is there (asks for SFTP creds).

When going through my own Wifi LAN at home I get osmc (uPNP) displayed, and it all works really well.

FYI I’m using the Infuse client on my phone - really impressed with it.