Set individual directories to scan in specific orders using dummy files?

I know this is a Kodi question but I was hoping someone here might be able to answer this since i don’t use their forum.

If you want to have Kodi exclude a sub directory when scanning you can just place a dummy file in that directory called .nomedia instead of having to alter these folders one by one in the scan settings, very useful.
I was curious if there was a similar feature for TV episode order.
So if I have a show with 10 episodes and the default aired order is perfect except for one season where DVD order would be appropriate is there a way to just put a dummy file like .dvdorder in that season’s directory or can this only be accomplished using menu settings?

I don’t think such a thing currently exists. Honestly if you are wanting to do something like this you best bet is to make nfo files instead of messing around in Kodi itself. Tiny Media Manager should allow for this kind of a tweak with a minimal amount of effort and a refresh of the show in Kodi will pick up the changes.

There is not anything like that for a single season. The two primary sources for TV shows (The Movie Database and TVDB) both have alternate order options, but they are done at the show level, not the season level. So, as mentioned before, using nfo files for each episode is probably your best bet.

I was afraid not.
I’ll just stick with the menu option then.
Everything in my TV directory scans as aired date by default.
I can just add the one season folder as a source and tell it to do DVD order.
Then remove said season from the current library and then update the library.
Thanks for the input guys!

Seriously, its not that bad to just tweak it with TMM. Once you scrape that show in you can just double click on each episode you want to change and tweak its episode number (or dvd order depending on how the files are named) and it updates the nfo files it made when you scraped it. Once you refresh the show in Kodi you have all the same metadata as before with your tweaked file order. If you ever have to redo your library the tweak will be automatic with no messing around with tweaking sources. Your files also do not need to be renamed as it will be pulling all the info from the nfos which takes priority over the file name.

They still let you download version 3 of the program which is free and the learning curve (at least to me) wasn’t very hard.