Set Kodi GUI fps to a fixed rate


Is there a way or a setting for advancedsetting.xml to set the Kodi GUI to a fixed hz/fps

Movies are all ok this really is for the main menu the hz are switching between 14-60hz and so there is a stuttering to the rss feed and the main menu

Is there a way to set the GUI to a static hz amount?


You can set it not to control the fps or 10,15,20 or 25 or something. It is somewhere in the videosettings. Please google for it or ask at the kodi forums.


I also have this problem on rpi3. In movie library the fps fluctuates between 35 - 16 making any animating artwork judder.

Is there a setting to keep the gui fps at highest possible. I dont mind if it causes an increase in cpu usage.

Tried changing the algorithmdirtyregions values in advancedsettings but no improvement.

Thanks for any info

As said before. Set the gui refresh to unlimited in the videosettings.