Set picture folder for screensaver

Hey all.

I had to renew my NAS, and the location of the pictures folder changed.
The NFS mount of the movies seem to still work.

So, somehow I cannot recreate how I set the folder. I can go to the settings menu of the screensaver, where it at the moment says “/mount/pictures” and it plays the movie posters as pictures.
But how to add the new NAS folder?


Did you add your shares via fstab or through Kodi?

Hi Sam,

the movie source via fstab.
For the screensaver pictures I am not sure.
I was just about to check the file…
But I just realised that I might have forgotten my osmc password - is there a way to reset this?

Yupp - definately I forgot the pw. :frowning:


Just add a new mount and select that


But I cant get in :frowning:


I suspect a reinstall maybe the only solution if you have forgotten the password for osmc.

Thanks Tom.

While booting hold shift key in the upcoming console type passwd osmc to enter new password

Holding SHIFT while booting the vero (plugging the power in) does only break the boot up - I see the “please wait” logo and then nothing more.
Holding STRG does nothing.
Holding ESC has the same effect as SHIFT, and I need to unplug the power.
Do I make a mistake here?

Any other way to get to the console?

Best reinstall


really? Oh no! It took me some time for all the sources and configuring the fstab mounts.
Is there no way to get to the console with the vero?
Or at least get the backup files out of the box?
I mean, its up and running, I can watch movies and all…?

But I did not see the option to save the backup externally?

Well I assume your have your NAS mounted, so just write the backup to that folder.

NEWS: It worked! Yay!

I just tried the SHIFT again and suddenly I was on the recovery console.
The timing seems to be crucial, but I could not point to what I changed.
Anyway, the new unix pw is set, and the path in the etc/fstab file is corrected. The mount still works because the old pw (which is the NAS login) is still given in the .credentials file.

One more question: Now that I can SSH into the VERO again - how do I backup the backup elegantly? And if I should ever need to reset the Vero, how can I load the backup from an external source? Is there a manual for this somewhere?

Thanks for the help, folks!