Set Sample Rate

Hi, I received an HifiBerry DAC + DSP. It’s working but how can I check and set the sample rate? They say that it’s 192 khz/24 bit capable. Thank you

Doesn’t it come with instructions?

This are the instructions: OSMC installation and configuration | HiFiBerry

But I don’t know how to check if I’m using the correct sample rate.

I can’t find anything on their website that would help. I assume there is no need to set the samplerate for the output as it will be set to that of the audio stream automatically.

If you are using the TOSlink output, your AVR should show the the samplerate and may show the bitdepth.

Since there are no intructions for the TOSlink input, I assume that is automatically set to the samplerate of the incoming stream as well. If recording, you will have to set arecord to the same samplerate.

Ok, thank you. I think that the samplerate is automatic then.
Another question, If i connect the raspberry to a TV that has CEC I can’t control the analogic volume from the raspberry but if I connect to an older TV that has not the CEC I can control the volume.

Yes, that is how it works. Turn off CEC on the TV.

Ok, thank you. I just disconnected the hdmi from the TV to the AVR and now I can set the analogic volume.