Set scraper remotly

I know I can set the sources remotly by editing the xml file, but is it possible to set the scraper for each source too?

I have 3 boxes and one I use all time but the other 2 arent on TVs i use, so would be nice if i can do it via SSH etc?

Since the scraper is stored in the database I don’t think there is an easy way to set/edit this via the terminal. If all three of these boxes are in ones in your home on the same network you could switch them over to using MySQL which would allow you to access the database on any of the machines from another instance of Kodi, including one installed on a PC. I do this all the time actually as I have two different libraries I run, one I use, and one for everyone else. Most of my boxes have two profiles and which profile you load changes which MySQL database it connects to.

I suppose another way if you were desperate would be to copy the userdata files over the network, load them up on a machine where your at, do the edits, and then copy them back (without Kodi running when your swapping files obviously) but that seems like a lot of effort.

cheers i thought that was case, just didnt know if there was a file i was overlooking.

I do run a MySQL server for other things, which is now on main server where files are stored so might look into switching to there