Set time zone - Time wrong

I am sadly removing the OSMC from my raspberry pi and reinstalling RASPMC which is successfully working. Maybe when the bugs get worked out of this thing I will be back… There is nothing wrong with my servers because Kodi works perfectly on my older Raspberry PI. With a correct date and time it is useless to try to record. I know this is free and I appreciate all the efforts of the contributors but I really don’t think I am the 1 per cent of people with a problem of time and date. I might be the only 1 per cent to complain because I believe the rest, give up and don’t waste time with asking questions. Life is short and this is not worth the fight. I wish you all good luck with this project but it is not for me. My son is a computer programmer of a well know company and if he is “stumped” than this OSMC is way too complicate for average people’s usage.

I use the command like this to update the date. but setting the time zone I think you have to do it from the GUI.

sudo date -s "$(curl -s --head -s |grep Date|sed 's/Date: //g')"

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