Set up bluetooth access point


I’d like to use the existing Raspi with external USB BT dongle to provide an internet access point for my mobile in house. While I assume TCP/IP services are not by default supported in OSMC, has anyone already got some experience with GitHub - bablokb/pi-btnap: Bluetooth Network Access Point and / or having general tips on this?


I’ve been trying to do the same thing and finally got it sort of working using the instructions from My blog_title_here · Bluetooth PAN Network Setup with BlueZ 5.X

Still not really working …


I did some further investigations yesterday initially with just the built-in Bluez tools “hciconfig” and “bluetoothctl” together with a Logilink BT0015 Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. Looks like Debian’s connection manager “connmanctl” does not properly support this, i.e. there was an error when I finally tried to connect to my mobile after successful pairing, even though connection was possible in the end. Also I want to avoid the connection being NATted as the cm might do at least, but instead let the bnep0 interface get a DHCP address directly from the Fritzbox. Obviously this needs some more effort, but from current perspective the mentioned pi-btnap looks good there.