Set Up OSMC Remote With RPi2

Hey folks

I’ve just ordered an OSMC Remote, which was supposed to also come with a Set Up Guide, but that was missing. I’ve emailed to ask about it, and awaiting reply, but in the meanwhile…

Does anyone have a PDF of this doc, or can share what I need to know how to connect and configure?


I replied to your email.

For future reference, see Quick Start - OSMC.


Many thanks!

@sam out of interest I looked at your referenced link - the wiring diagram doesn’t appear for me!

If you are copy/pasting the link make sure you don’t copy the period Quick Start - OSMC

@dandnsmith - yeah, it’s there. The third link on that page is “Remote Controller for Raspberry Pi”, and all instructions, including the wiring diagram, are there.

Very curious. When I saw Dilligaf reply, I checked his link on my tablet - the pic was there. Later I checked on PC, and it was also visible there.
When I first visited the page (from PC), I went through exactly the same link from the quickstart, and got no pic.
I wonder if it is in any way linked to the fact that I sometimes find these forum pages extremely slow (and what I was seeing was underlying text describing the linked pic)


Please let me know in PM


I’ll try to log them for you