Set wireless configuration in hotspot mode

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I have been using Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi Zero w modules with OSMC.
I am using KORE android app to control them when they are at my Home WiFi.
These wifi settings/credentials were added to OSMC at the process of installation.

I set up in such this in such a way that when I move my Raspberry Pi to some other location with different WiFi router. I would still be able to control it via my phone at-least for a while so I can set up the new WiFi credentials.

Please point me to right link if this is already been discussed.

osmc can be set in hotspot mode for phone connection. However, how we can set new WIFI credential in hotspot mode when location changes.

Via MyOSMC → Network

Hi fzinken, thanks for your reply. When in hotspot mode, MyOSMC->Network->Wireless, the “Enable Adapter” is enabled, but no wireless network listed for selection.

Hotspot means the wifi is use to be connecting devices. The Hotspot setting is changed under Tethering. Or do I misunderstand something?

What are you trying to do, wifi → ethernet, ethernet → wifi or wifi → wifi (not supported)?

Since i don’t take a keyboard with me when traveling around, but just the osmc box and a mobile phone. I use Kore to connect the osmc box with tethering open. However when a local WIFI is detected, i would expect to switch osmc box to connect the WIFI for online watching, then i use Kore to search the box and connect it again.

The problem is that in tethering, there is no wireless selection. when stop tethering, i cannot connect to the osmc box any more.

Well that is quite obviously as the wifi in that moment is used to create the hotspot.
What you want is wifi - wifi which first would require to have 2 physical wifi adapters and than also a manual configuration as that mode currently is not in OSMC standard

OK. Thank you fzinken. I find a solution here GitHub - sabhiram/raspberry-wifi-conf: Raspberry Pi Node application which makes connecting to your home wifi easier , however osmc uses connman, which seems the link doesn’t support. Do we have method to create a wifi configuration and send it to osmc box and reboot network to enable it?

Well there is obviously some methods (e.g. via ssh) as the OSMC installer allows you to give wifi details for the installation but I wonder if it would be easier to just throw the small OSMC remote into the travel bag.

I see many osmc scripts are in python. we may get wifi configuration information on mobile phone, and send it to osmc via web interface. Is there some python script could be referenced for switching from tether to wifi with given credential? Could you share the OSMC installer script for tether and wifi configuration?

Well luckily OSMC is opensource and not locked away in safe in some office

looks complicated, haven’t touched linux distribution code before

Not nearly as complicated as carrying a keyboard around with you :wink:

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