Setting a default language


I’m not sure where to ask this question, but maybe someone can give me a hint where this would fit better or knows a solution.

I’m German, but as you can imagine, some media is translated better than others.
Is there a way to set a default language for a specific series? I want to watch one in English, others in German.
I’ve already found the “set as default for all media” setting, but I’d like it for that series only.
Is there a way to do that?

I reckon it might be a Kodi specific thing.

Best regards

That is a Kodi specific thing but there is not an option to automatically play certain series as one language or another if all the videos are tagged the same. What you can do is enable the “prefer default audio stream” option in settings>player>language and remux any files you want tweaked with something like mkvtoolnix and set the desired default audio stream to what you want in the files themselves. Do note that Kodi stores the language option in the database for that file if you change it so any files you have manually changed in the player will ignore any settings change.