Setting a VPN up directly on Vero 4k +

Is there any way I can set a VPN up directly on my Vero 4k? I have recently changed my ISP and now find I can’t reach certain sites!!

Installing the OpenVPN add-on (Brian Hornsby) is usually the easiest way.

Thanks Sam. Can you give me more information please, like how I do this or is it in FAQs? I already subscribe to Nord VPN which uses OpenVPN.

See OpenVPN for Kodi.

Should cover everything

Thanks Sam, I’ll check that out. Much appreciated.

Or you could try Zomboided :slight_smile:

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Sorry Sam but no idea what to do with that. There are at least a million links out there telling people how to install from a zip file and not one that I’ve found tells you to download it in the first place!
That site has a down arrow which presumably is the download button but when you click on it (using iPad) it opens up what presumably is a script but no apparent means of downloading it.
I expected to download a file named:, save it to a stick etc and then point to it’s location. Stuck at the first hurdle.

On my android phone the down arrow under the word “GitHub” downloads a zip file.

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Thanks, I’ll try it on my pc and if that doesn’t work I have recently installed Linux Mint on a separate hard drive so Ill try from there. Your help is much appreciated.

Keep us posted.

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It downloaded immediately from PC. No time to do anything with it tonight but I feel much more confident now. It may be a day or two before I have time to go further but I’ll let you know how I get on. Many thanks.

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There seems to be a nordvpn specific addon. I haven’t tried it though

Is it not an DNS issue here? Mine blocks site this way so it maybe worth to try the DNS first. On the Vero interface try to configure for example Cloudflare DNS ( and