Setting menu on Vero 4K+ to 1080p 50Hz makes switch of refresh rate much quicker on LG OLED B7

I found to my big surprise after fighting a bit with Apple TV 4K that setting refresh rate of the Vero 4K+ to 50Hz (1080p) actually resultatet in much quicker switch of resolution to 2160p 23.976 or 24Hz. Seems to be connected to LG OLED. Setting menu to 60Hz works fine as well, but it takes much longer time switching to 23.976 or 24Hz. Anyone know why this is ?

Well both PAL and NTSC run 50hz per spec so I’m guessing that is some kind of standard setting for the TV

NTSC is 29.97fps (half images) which results in 59.94fps when output. As PAL and NTSC are very old standards and not defining how TVs are built today, I doubt that this could explain the behaviour the OP is seeing - especially as PAL and NTSC are not using the same framerate: they are the reason we have 50p and 60p (which includes the fractional framerate version: 59.94fps).

We’ve seen quite a lot of reports about quirks of LG OLEDs in particular. Maybe another one of them :rofl:

Oh my bad sorry I don’t know why I remember that TV ( channels) run at 50 Hz

So does my Panasonic, I always set my gui to 50hz

In the UK, all broadcast channels are still 50Hz, as are the corresponding catch-up services (e.g. iPlayer)
British-made material is often 25 or 50Hz on Netflix (e.g. Dark Mirror). Stuff on blu ray these days is usually slowed down to 23.976, but older blu rays of BBC stuff were often 1080i/50.

50Hz is pretty common, in other words. :slight_smile:

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24p (23.976fps mostly, but also real 24fps) is the cinema standard, 50p (25fps and 50fps) is the PAL television standard for most of the world and 60p (29.76fps, 30fps, 59.94fps and 60fps) is the NTSC television standard mainly for the US… The latter two are derived from the utility frequency in Europe and the US. The television industry used to base their framerates on that frequency and they haven’t changed it since. The DVD standard went along with those framerates mostly (there are 24p NTSC DVDs as well, but PAL DVDs are always 25p), but things have become more split up with HD and UHD: discs mostly using 24p and television having stayed at 50p/60p.

Fun fact: Especially Panasonic plasmas had serious problems with 50Hz material and motion reproduction. That’s the reason why I personally always prefer 60p settings. So, there’re always TVs with quirks when it comes to framerate… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mmh, Interesting.

I also own a LG OLED B7. Will try this later today to see if I can reproduce. Thanks for the tip!

No difference between them on my Panasonic.

Tested this yesterday evening. Didn’t notice a difference on my LG OLED B7…

On my system there is a massive difference; might be connected to other elements in the system of course.

If you run Vero directly to TV; I suspect this won’t be the case.
Not suggesting this as a solution; but just something to test if bored.