Setting up IR Remote

Just received my vero 4k. All working smoothly so far. just delving into it so im sure ill have some questions in the coming days!
first one is how do i set up my universal ONEFORALL IR remote?


Easiest way is to configure the OneForAll for a certain profile, like an Xbox 360, then select Xbox 360 in My OSMC.


ok great, i have it working…partially. a few keys from the vero remote haven’t transferred. mainly the options button, how do i get that across?

Not sure what the options button refers to, but the Vero 4K can
learn remote presses if necessary using irrecord.

Which profile did you use on the OneForAll?


xbox 1708 in the oneforall manual


Okay. irrecord may be a better option here, but will check this out shortly. You may find improvements in the next update